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Posting your health activities, tips, experiences and advices on helps you gain more exposure and reach out to more people online. We also help you by providing a community that appreciates great content on healthy living. helps you to:-
  • Reach out to larger audience
  • Increased visibility and recognition
  • Enable two (2) Ways interaction with members/participants/volunteers online

Our Contents are User Generated.

The content of this site is contributed by members of health community (aka Health Advocates); and all contents are monitored by the community. This means that all post submitted shall remain published until report of abuse or inappropriate post is made.

There are two types of post you can submit:
  • Health activities organised by you, your tips (short posts) or experiences (longer posts).
  • Health activities organised by others, tips or experiences, which interest you and you would like to share them with others.
Please take some time to review the terms of use.

Step 1: Sign up and Login to our site

In order to publish your posts on, you will need to register as Health Advocate. You can sign-up using either your Facebook account or an email address. If you already have an account on, login here. If not, sign up here.

Step 2: Fill out your profile

We believe that true identity adds credibility to your post. Therefore, please provide your profile to
  • Once you are logged in, click on My Account on the top right of the page.
  • Click the light blue Edit button located at the top right of the page.
  • In order for your post to be published, you need to include a contact number, full name, employment background, as well as your picture. If you represent an organization, please fill up your associated organisation's full name as well as your role in the organisation. You are allowed to add multiple associated organisations.
  • If you'd like to have more information about yourself to appear at the top of the post, make sure you fill out the Public Information field. Users who wish to connect with you will find it helpful if you add your Email, Website and Twitter contact.
  • Once you've entered all your information, scroll down and click the light blue Save button at the bottom right to effect the changes. Now you are ready to add content!

Step 3: Add content to the site has four key centres where you can post your contents:

1) Activity centre - is the place where everyone (e.g. government body, private sectors, non-governmental organisations or local communities as well as individuals from all walks of life) can share health related activities; and an avenue for the community to search for activities nearby their location.
2) Change centre - Allows the community to contribute and explore short tips which promotes a healthy lifestyle. It can be tips on what to eat, how to exercise, what activities you can engage in - basically anything and everything on adapting to a healthier lifestyle.
3) Sharing centre - a centre which allows everyone to share their story on their journey to a healthy lifestyle. It can be an article, video, or even your entire blog.
4) Knowledge centre - a centre which features articles, journals, and videos by professionals and experts on leading a healthy lifestyle. Qualified health professionals who would like to share their contributions to a healthier lifestyle on a regular and voluntary basis to are by invitation only.

Please be informed that all first posts requires moderation by the team and will have the status "Ready - Pending Approval" prior to publication. We usually take no more than two (2) working days to review your account & post.

Should you require any additional help, please contact or if you like to view a sample organization profile, click here.

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