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Dengue Cases On The Rise
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31 Jul 2012 10:05AM
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KUALA LUMPUR: Between July 15 and 21, 319 dengue cases were reported. However, Health director-general Datuk Seri Dr Hassan Abdul Rahman said no deaths from the mosquito-borne disease were registered.

Compared to the previous week, he said, there had been an increase in the number of dengue cases in   four states. There had been an increase of 31 per cent (four cases) in Terengganu, 10 per cent (three cases) in Johor, 100 per cent (two cases) in Perlis and 12 per cent in Sarawak.

During the period, Dr Hasan said 70,204 premises were inspected and 958 were found with breeding Aedes mosquitos.   

"The public are urged to pay extra attention to clearing Aedes breeding grounds as it is the rainy season now in the Klang Valley," he said in a statement recently.

He urged the public to spend at least 10 minutes weekly cleaning their homes and housing area.

"Extra attention should be given to Ramadan bazaar sites to ensure that they are free of mosquito breeding sites. We hope the public, local authorities and related agencies will keep the bazaar sites clean."

Dr Hasan said empty containers could hold water and become mosquito breeding sites.

From Jan 1 to July 21, 12,837 dengue cases and 25 deaths were reported nationwide. This is an increase of 12 per cent from the same period last year.

Dr Hassan said the dengue fever cases were detected in 61 localities in 19 districts. However, he said no hotspots were reported.

Text as reproduced from
New Straits Times as reported by Elvina Fernandez on 30th July 2012
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First Photo by Sanofi Pasteur l

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