About sihat.my

"Sihat.my is a community building portal aimed at bringing Malaysians together for better health"

Sihat.my is a social mobilization project conceptualised, designed and implemented by Sym World Innovation Sdn Bhd as part of its community service for Malaysians. The project was mooted in support of Ministry of Health's efforts in building a healthier Malaysian society.

Sihat.my is an online platform designed for everyone, from officers in the government bodies (e.g. Ministry of Health Malaysia, local authorities, etc.) who may be involved in wellness promotions as part of their duties to professionals from health industry and volunteers from NGOs or other organizations who are promoting health for social well-being. It is also catered for peoples who are in health related businesses, as well as individuals from all walks of life who can come together and share activities and knowledge on healthy living more conveniently with friends and others in the community. In essence, it is a community building portal aimed at bringing Malaysians together for better health.

Everyone is eligible to sign up as Health Advocates. Health Advocates are allowed to post health related activities, shares health tips and their experiences in leading a healthy lifestyle with others. Sihat.my can be utilized by both Health Advocates and the public for free. All posts can be submitted in any language (eg Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mandarin etc.). However, postings that are deemed inappropriate or off-topic may risk being deleted.

We believe that there are many Malaysian who are genuinely interested in helping their friends, family and the community to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is through this understanding that the direction of sihat.my was determined. The entire site was built with one key concept in mind - "people helping people". Today, sihat.my provides you with an avenue which provides you with an easy way to promote healthy lifestyle, and we hope that the usage of this site shall remain for this purpose only.

One of the steps taken to safeguard sihat.my interest is provision of true identity (such as real photo, name, organization, background, particulars, contacts etc) for the Health Advocates. All Health Advocates must be truthful about themselves, and they must assume the responsibility for all the information and postings which is shared on the site. We believe that promoting health is a noble act. Therefore, there is no need for any genuine Health Advocates to fear or feel the need to conceal his/her identity. However, because we are unable to verify any of such information, we need the help of Sihat.my users to report any bogus identity, false claims and unrelated/inappropriate postings to us; and we will do our best to suspend or disqualify the post, or remove the said person from being a Health Advocate.

It is pertinent that all users of Sihat.my understand that this is only a platform; and therefor all posting and information, suggestions and recommendations contained herein are user generated. Thus, we are unable to guarantee the accuracy and applicability of the postings. Users are required to exercise their own judgement in accepting any of such information. Sym World Innovation Sdn. Bhd. shall not be held responsible for any contents listed in sihat.my.

Sihat.my will progressively select responsible and qualified field experts in the Health Industry to be our Health Experts. These Health Experts shall be allowed to post articles on health related topics in sihat.my's Knowledge Centre. Health Experts will also be allowed to post activities, share health tips and experience with others, similar to the Health Advocates.

Sihat.my is a result of extensive continuous efforts from our team; and we also wish to thanks others, including officers in the Ministry of Health for comments and advices given during the development of this portal. We hope that the community will utilize this beneficial platform, and ultimately drive our initiative to fulfil its potential - uniting people together for better health to achieve its intended objective. We welcome your views and suggestions, and will continue to improve the portal for the benefit of the community. Please email us at support@sihat.my if you have any suggestions for us.

About Sym World Innovation Sdn Bhd ("Sym World")

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Our Team for Sihat.my

· Tan Kin Lee - Project Founder

· Anderson Cheah HW - Project Director

· Eugene Ang - Strategy Director

· Tan Wee Khien - Senior Project Manager and Site Administrator

· Suhayl Sobratee - System Designer and Developer

· Rinasari binti Sabri - Nutritionist & Project Manager

· Carel Van Hoogenhuyze - Digital Media Specialist

· Lim Zee King - Creative Director

· Allen Wan - Multimedia Designer

· Stacy Tan - Project Executive